urine trouble

I don’t want to brag, but after four years at the position, I am now a very good Mom. This has nothing to do with effort, tactics, instincts or passion for the job. This has everything to do with me being open to asking for help when I get stuck, having the luxury to take breaks when I need them, and having a child who 99% of the time will do what I ask.

Crazy, right? I read other Parenting Blogs and I am on Facebook, aka Ground Zero for letting off steam when your kid is being an asshole, so I know how lucky I am.

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kids are the best scapegoats

Kids will take everything you value, steal it and smear it with goo – your free time, sleep, elegant time spent alone taking a poop. But the upside is rich.

I'm not talking about the beautiful way they make you see life anew through their eyes or how they make your heart walls pulse a little more readily. Nope. Kids are worth it because they are a 24/7 Get out of Jail Free Card.

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my #streamteam february

Even though at parties I have made mighty claims (over protesting voices) that staying in a cabin is STILL camping, I am not a total priss. I could survive the cold offerings of a cruel world if push came to hearty shove. How do I know this?

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