get your Groupon Coupon on!

Remember when we had to Christmas shop using only our our feet? Remember MALLS?!

Ok, it's not the year Cyber638282 yet. I know many of us still mingle with the masses, sweating in all the wrong places because it's -67 outside and +68 inside the mall. (Malls should have Coat Checks. And flask rentals. JUST A THOUGHT, MALL MANAGEMENT.)

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i've fallen and i can't get up

It pains me to know that my kid will have to one day hunt the depths of the deep internet to get the title of this post.

But not as much as it hurts to actually legit fall down.

Have you fallen recently? I have and I'd like to solemnly express how really fucking bad it is.

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my #streamteam october

Things that are creepy:

When you enter a communal work bathroom with a plethora of empty stalls but choose to go into the same stall that your co-worker is just exiting, then you make eye contact and wink at them. Seriously - don't do this at the office or you will be labelled the "creepy winker." (I was thinking about how to make this even creepier:  A) Audibly inhale once you’re in the stall and then make a contented happy place sigh or B) Start laughing uncontrollably.)

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are you lonesome tonight? {almost coherent parent guest post}

September sucked my soul out my butthole. There are no words. I ate them all. All that to say life away from the computer kept me so kerfuffled last month that I ghosted my own website. 

In times like these, when your blog sits desolate and alone, it helps to have friends. Talented and funny friends are even better. My buddy Andrew from Almost Coherent Parent has come to rescue me. I hope he forgives me for adding a "u" to every "neighbor."

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