my 2017 #streamteam august

Stella starts Grade 2 in six days. While all the parents across the land celebrate the beginning of the school year, I am UNHAPPY. It’s not because I lament the passing of time. It’s not because our summer was magical and I can’t fathom its sad finale. It’s not because I’m already stressed about helping my Big Emotions Kid navigate the Melrose Place-ish twists and turns of being 7 and only loving or hating people.

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my 2017 #streamteam june

So it's the end of June which means the end of another school year and you should have a kid because there is no better way to helplessly watch the months slip off a calendar and feel your bones and gasp like a fish unceremoniously flipped out of water. HOW IS SHE ALMOST SEVEN, DEAR READER?

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(contest closed) it's a book party and you're invited PLUS a *GIVEAWAY*

It's been a HOT SECOND since I did any meaningful writing and maybe that's because I saved all my good shit for the NEW BOOK I'M IN THAT YOU CAN BUY TODAY.

*fires confetti gun*

*gets confetti in eye*

*spends weekend worrying about losing that eye*

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my 2017 #streamteam may

I did a lot of real-live-person stuff in May. (Versus my usual eyeballs-poking-out-from-luxurious-blanket weekend slothery. I did more stand-up! I bombed but it's okay! I helped plan and attended a stagette where I did a Beyonce dance class and learned that with age I have grown 67% more terrible with organized choreography! I got spoiled for Mother's Day and was reminded again how lucky I am to have a husband who collaborates with my kid to make me feel so special!

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