my #streamteam november

So, that was a MONTH. Even as a Canadian, I felt all the crushing disappointment and raw despair that came after the election results. I know so many incredible and diverse Americans who I adore and who I had no words for. I could only send Internet emojis and the offer of my couch or inane stories if they needed a break. This month, more than any month that I can remember, I used Netflix to escape. 

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i am a terrible neighbour

I grew up dreaming that as an adult I would own a house. As of today, that particular dream has not come true. And probably never will. (I also dreamed about being Mrs. Corey Haim and filling out a B cup so I should be used to my dreams being doused in animal urine and set aflame in a compost bin filled with huntsman spiders.)

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my #streamteam september

Stella and I just had birthdays. She is six and, based on the purple storm clouds under my eyes and unwillingness to learn how to pronounce "bae," I am 106, or so.

When I was a kid, lots of things were very different. Dungarees was a word and a thing. So was "Beta" and "nards" and "Loni Anderson."

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