the not-very-fun mom #bestofmissteenussr

{#BestOfMissteenussr ~ originally published August 2016}

As a Mom, I am not always present. I am not always patient; I am never excited to play with her and her hodgepodge of toys, dolls and Happy Meal scraps. I hate the hand clapping games and think her iPad games are weird. (Her latest obsession is one where you prep a man to propose to his girlfriend. HOW IS THIS A FUN GAME?)

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I am not a good neighbour #bestofmissteenussr

{#BestOfMissteenussr ~originally published Nov 2016}

I grew up dreaming that as an adult I would own a house. As of today, that particular dream has not come true. And probably never will. (I also dreamed about being Mrs. Corey Haim and filling out a B cup so I should be used to my dreams being doused in animal urine and set aflame in a compost bin filled with huntsman spiders.)

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