With no exaggeration, there are approximately 67 other pressing & important things I should be doing right now. The attitude I had September 1st with my glowing optimism, pens juicy with ink, and acceptance that I could willingly give up every TV show, magazine and solid hours of eyebrow plucking time gladly if it meant I had figured out what I'm supposed to be doing here.. well this attitude is now pulsing to an irregular ugly beat.
Going to school is officially the hardest thing I've ever done.
There is no way having a child is as hard as tracing the face of Bambi in Illustrator that doesn't look like I ate her nose and gave her lupus. No fucking way.
I would love to be bored. Right now. Just sitting at home still in pajamas, logging into Facebook for the 3rd time in half an hour, maybe walking down to the ocean in my gumboots and picking out which dog I'd like to steal, then ordering 6 salted caramel hot chocolates from Starbucks just to lick the tops off. 
I have less than one month left of school before one month of Christmas break. The anticipation of doing nothing hard that I don't want to do for one month is like a surprise party combined with one million dollars mixed with a angel food cake buffet in the first class section of a private plane en route to Cannes.

Dear rain,
No thanks.
Madame Hydroplane