Too much of a good thing is a poopy adult reality: For some odd reason, drinking 6 glasses of Nestea powdered iced tea for lunch left me with a sore throat. I read the label & nowhere does it say this may occur. Oh, iced tea with your cough inducing 'whuff' of delicious particles, why must you hurt me so?

Speaking of hurtful: I love it when links to new videos or music lead to because they have decided to punch Canadians in the heart & not stream them if you live North of the border. That's just mean MTV. I did, despite your best cold hearted non-sharing efforts, manage to track down the new Gnarls Barkley video, which is so great, and full of blood, mouths, Waverly from Friday Night Lights (YAYUH TO THE MOFO YESSIR, THAT'LL BE BACK ON SOON!) and just a hint of the song ladled on top. Yumma.

Jay Haddow, you were missed: After the fireworks, all the nincompoops come filing up our block on their way home. Saturday, I heard a kafuffle outside at about Midnight while I was clear across the apartment, in the bathroom, with the fan on, plucking my 6 remaining eyebrow hairs. I broke land speed records busting into the bedroom, grabbing my glasses and skidding to a stop out on the deck. Basically, a group of drunk Richmond kids were fucking around outside the heritage house across the street, one of them got their shoe ripped off and flung somewhere into the yard, and now the treasure hunt began. Residents yelled, they yelled back, the bushes were trampled, the night was alit with the blue glow from cell phones, cops were called, Asian insults were hurled, and the shoe WAS NEVER FOUND. This kid hung back by himself for long after I gave up watching to will his shoe into appearing. The next day I hear somebody shouting about "can I use a hockey stick?" and I looked out the window and shoeless Joe was back. Oh man, he got nowhere. After a futile convo with a guy visiting at the house, he crossed the street and stood directly below me, watching the house and scratching his head. He stood there so sadly, checking his phone, so impotent & helpless. I genuinely felt bad for him for a second. Then I went back to just caring about me.