seattle is law, missteenussr is crime

just tore myself away from snuggling and nuzzling my spare tire and whispering sweet nothings and blessed 'thank you's' into it's wheel well and beautiful little bolts.

Seattle Weekend Extravaganza From Best to Worst:

*Good company. A road trip is only as good as its vehicle inhabitors. I had two gems in Sarah Burgess & Cousin Toni.
*Helpful chatty border guards with braces who show you a flash of their pinup girl tattoo.
*The nicest grocery clerk ever at Cost Cutters who sold us food based on our guessing of the prices, including my precious Creamy Peanut Yogurt GeniSoy power bars. He should travel the world as an American Ambassador in his apron and balding head. Precious.
*Seattle Premium Outlets. So much stuff I don't need. So much American B.O. Mad powerful hot air dryers in the bathrooms.
*SuperMall of Auburn. Using my previously non existent internal GPS System we found you! Nordstrom Rack is too much. We lost each other in there twice. If only the ruby red Etnies didn't hate my heels. 
*Exposing Toni to the new and fantastic ways I can incorporate the word 'fuck' into nearly every sentence.
*Our spiff and helpful Hotel (Silver Cloud) that had beds with 80 pillows, a flatscreen TV, and a beautiful continental breakfast from which we only stole three things from. We held it all down in spite of the intense sci-fi conversation being held by the two wookies seated to our right.
*Mexican food at La Cocina-Santiago. Hands down the most beautiful pina colada and nachos I have ever laid eyes on. I nearly cried when I could only eat half of it. 
*The EM record store on Broadway. It re-enthused me to music store browsing.
*Happy hour Shirley Temples & sushi. 
*Watching the people in the McDonald's parking lot for three hours. Roaming groups of tourists, crazies (hippy lecturing her dog), Crips with bandanas pulled halfway up their face (I ducked down in my seat slowly) helpful McDonald's trainee named Miguel who changed my flat tire and got his hands and uniform filthy for his troubles (my Mom asked if I tipped him after. No, I didn't. I'm a shitty white girl) and employees selling cigarettes to pre-teens.
*Slowly emptying the styrofoam cooler at a gas station on the way home, then joyfully & crazily stomping on it, ripping the lid apart with my bare hands, and shoving it all into a trash can. The lid was broken from the start, it squeaked like a planet full of mice was trying to escape the trunk, and man oh man, it felt good to rage it apart.
*A last adventure away from home before the beast named School snatches me into its clutches.
*Muggy. Walking through wet air is exhausting. Add in carrying the Cookie Crisp cereal I bought Nuv in the morning, the records, and drugstore candy and wearing the useless flip flops I ALWAYS wear for long jaunts and I was humping it with a sweaty forehead at the end of the day.
*Falling!! Aww yeah, I am now all pro at stumbling down then popping up like NOTHING JUST HAPPENED! Nothing to see here. My left palm is stinging and I have to now accept that falling is now part of my shit.
*Elbowing my full glass of free breakfast orange juice down onto myself and the booth. Wet fruity diaper sensation, where have you been all my life? 
*(The Good) Making my first black friend (I win Sarah!) who helpfully shouted at me across the street Sunday night that I had a flat tire (the bad) and after exhausting all options, driving home on the I-5 from Seattle to Vancouver (the ugly) going 80 KM an hour. The whole way. In a lightning storm. Terrified, tired and panicking about my little doughnut spare getting us home. One honk, one pull over by a WA State Trooper who only wanted to ensure a truck didn't murder us, hours of hazard lights flashing, one rest stop that had no bush blowjobs happening that we could see, and most valuably, Sarah attempting to keep me distracted from my own personal 'Speed 3' by chatting with me into the wee hours of the night, playing bluegrass and jazz, and overall just believing in me.

So, thank you again my precious spare tire, for going above and beyond your capability and obligation. Your load was heavy, weary and valuable, and you took it on with quiet strength and dignity.

But mostly, thank you Sarah for conceiving of this trip and letting me come and play with you guys. Despite the ridiculous finale, it was a fucking great weekend.