Baskin Robbins deceives: In the Wal Mart Spectaculoso Extreme Edition they had some candies I hadn't previously sampled-strawberry creme chewy squares. Being that I love their mint chocolate hard candies enough to endure losing the top layer of the roof of my mouth, LOVE strawberry anything and the fact they were $1.00 for the entire bag-this should have been a go. Nope.

I grabbed one as I was out the door to go visit Laura, and I chewed it with that 'yuck' face all the way down the elevator to the garage, and was so disappointed in the gritty texture and lack of yum, that I dropped the wrapper on the ground in protest as I reached my car. Now, two hours later, my gut feels like I either ate a bowling ball full of baby mice or got hit in the stomach with one. Either way, I'm not digging it.
Stupid life.

The disappointments just keep coming: My favorite artist James Jean has announced be won't be doing the stunning covers of the comic 'Fables' any longer. Thanks dude. I wasn't even planning on wallpapering my future children's rooms with those covers. Why does everybody hate my guts today?

I might be famous: A co-worker and I meandered over to the Purdy's factory next door today to get a wee treat, faced with their looming closure as they renovate for the next couple of weeks. Their presence alone is the only thing that gets me through certain days where I have somehow paper-cutted my vagina and inner nose and just need something nice to take my mind off the throb. So, we're browsing with big piggy eyes and then I notice a reporter-y guy with his camera taking pictures. 

Dear anybody who can help, 
I really REALLY don't want to be in the paper with that whiff of chub and wearing my stupid work badge, staring like a hypnotized dog at a wall of chocolate. It would just be too much for me to bear right now.