last weekend before my brain drips out my ears

This does not smell like weekend: Either a diesel truck full of fuel and skunks just exploded outside our place or – nope, that's the only possible explanation. The smell started all feral and nature-y then got mechanical and biting. All this before we had the presence of mind to slam all open windows and doors shut. Seriously West End, this is testing my gag reflex, and making me contemplate paying a homeless guy a buck for every freshly scalped skunk face he brings me.

A Lesson in Segue: My most favorite thing of highs past, aside from how moany I got over simple food items, was how I totally understood ads on TV. To the point where I'm sure if I had been smart enough to put down the nacho chip and pick up a pen and paper to write the companies letters stating I knew exactly how their thought processes and intentions worked in the creation of said ads, jingles and catch phrases, there would have been a lot of slammed down phone receivers and hastily put together hushed meetings in Boardrooms because of me. The Only Genius. The most effective ad I've ever seen/remembered is the one where people are eating stuff, but doing it wrong. In particular, a hard boiled egg is de-shelled and they toss the egg and eat the shell. YEARGH. This gives me such shivers up the spine, I can't even tell you. We bought some sea salt and the ground up shards are a little heavy and crunchy and when I put some in egg salad and get a nip of one, I totally think it's egg shell and it almost ruins me.

The plan Stan:
I'm gonna try this weekend to:
Not be sad I didn't see Beck last night
See all the people I love that will be dead to me once I'm a scholar
Sleep in till 4 PM because I can
Eat all the pickles in the Larks' Millennium Closet
Love up on Nuv till he's tired of my face