first day of school

It was exhilarating!
My face was blushing in 87 different types of ways.
All my fellow students seem awesome.
The automatic flushing toilets at Langara sound like a baby screaming.
My classroom, just like my workplace, is kept at a breezy minus infinity temperature. May need to invest in a slanket.
My computer wouldn't let me log on, eventually giving the prompt that my 'Web access was Denied. Contact School Registrar' Cue me holding back tears and poop and spending the dinner break in line at the Registrar to fix a 'glitch' HAHA! That's cool Langara! I WASN'T EVEN SCARED YOU WERE GOING TO ESCORT ME OFF CAMPUS AND HUCK ME FACE FIRST INTO THE DIRT. (.."And stay out!")
I came home all giddy and full of Quark & Photoshop swirling visions and people I love were here and we watched the first part of the 90210 over Nick's screaming and snorts.

Hi School! 
I think I love you.