school day 2: where I get tired and carb load

I held the pee in as long as my furious bladder would allow, but of course I scuttled out of class just in time to miss something important in Quark. No probs, I'm sure I'll pick it up just like that. If 'just like that' means never and gouging out my computer's face with a pen.

By the time I made my way to the car, clean across the parking lot, I had 6 minutes left of my break to cram a muffin, rice granola bar and pretzels down my throat. I'm SO glad carbs have zero calories and fat. Whew.

Being at home usually means any number of leisure activities. NEVER AGAIN. Cool!
I'm off to go read chapters in a book about Photoshop, a total bathtub whimsical romplike read. Come save me if the bloody bath water starts leaking under the door. Please.