When you feel like poo, this is what you do.

You stay under here for as long as possible. 11 am is good for this day. Then you grudgingly get up and make that bed. Clean spaces make you feel .01% better.

Then you wear these.


Lounging pants that are made for giants and slippers that are like fur boots. You wear the shit out of them until you a) bathe or b) go back to bed. If it's sunny when you feel bad, that's ok. You can be a cat and watch healthy people outside doing their business.

Then you do this:

Set up a new bed in another room. So you can do this:

Hello TV shows I forget about and never catch up on! Except Smallville-that's Nuv's deal. And then you get sucked in watching that old Jack Nicholson movie 'Wolf.

But you remember that you need supplies for this day. Let's go get them.

And two.

(Real fucking excited about these new guys)

And finally, you have a back up for when TV gets sour.

Birthday presents not yet cracked.

Hello sick Wednesday; let's do this.