quiz show

How well do you know your most beloved blogger? Test your knowledge with the first annual Who's That Girl Quiz (aka a huge waste of your time but it's Sunday and really REALLY do you have anything else to do today?)

1. What was my favourite part of the Jay-Z show, aside from the actual show, you know where I fucking GOT DOWN in my one inch of body spaz space?
a) Watching the brown douchebags in bedazzled shirts be "gangsta."
b) Picking out my favourite sluts (the Philipino child brides JUST edged the white trash.)
c) Pushing people out of the way after the show, like actually bulldozing through retards that don't know standing in the walking paths is NEVER CORRECT.

2. How many pairs of pants do I have?
a) 7
b) 3
c) 900

3. True or False // I have an orange plastic cup of salt in my bottom drawer at work. For salt emergencies (aka avocados)

4. How many packets of Rogers sugar do I put in my coffee each morning?
a) 2
b) 7
c) No sugar. This body, this is a temple.

5. What is my favourite part of Community?
a) The glorious return of Chevy Chase
b) Joel McHale, who can make snarky look so good
c) The after the credits bits between Troy and Abed

6. True or False // I mostly eat everything with a spoon.

7. Which song fills me up with love helium and makes me raise both arms and conduct an imaginary symphony, but only when Nuv is in the bathroom?
a) Grizzly Bear, 'While you wait for the others'
b) Gucci Mane, 'Wasted'
c) Clair de Lune (Suite Bergmasque 3) from the Darjeeling Limited OST

8. True or False // The best part about having 600 channels is watching the regional fast food commercials.

9. True or False // The city is better than the suburbs in every way.

10. Which of the following situations makes me the most poo-
pants terrified?
a) Job interviews
b) Elevator small talk
c) Talking to successful people
d) Walking out of a bathroom stall and looking at myself when others are at the sink

Leave your best guesses in the comments.
Answer key coming tomorrow!