So Them Rings And Things You Sing About, Bring 'Em Out Vol. Three

The Fall Edition

Let's get wet!

Oh rain, you keep on keepin' on. The windows of my car may be eternally foggy and the pedestrians EXTRA asking to be up on my hood, but I will be eternally zen knowing these beauties are at home waiting for me.

One of the 7 things that fit me in Metrotown mall, they are purple, sturdy, wide as fuck, and lined with furry goodness. I have worn them only once, yes, on a blustery walk with the amazing Sam, and of course, two steps in my socks were puddled under my toes, but that has no bearing on these stunners. I'll just have to invest in some of those sock garters men used to wear in the 50's - TREND ALERT.

This is the pattern of a scarfy goodness my also amazing friend Alexis made for me because my neck deserves to be treasured. And it is super cold sensitive lately, it's the oddest thing. Look at these colours together! SWOONING to the floor right now. Coral and grey. Adores it. I tried to take a picture of it on my neck but somehow it just kept looking vagina-y and it's early and my patience for difficulty is at about 1.5 teaspoons, so I just draped it over a chair and called it a day. Basically, because it's a tube formation-wise, there is never that one end of it drooping off into EVERYTHING IN LIFE, which maybe drives me half mad and wanting to start scarf fires under my desk.

When you have 13$ left on your Sephora gift card, it is a very sad day indeed. I woefully trudged up and down aisles, stroking things that were way more than that for about 6 hours. Behold, though, in the jamboreee of love by the lineups, there was this. Every single person I have shoved it on has exclaimed, "I want to eat my hands!" There is no greater endorsement than that.

App Alert! Last week, upon a very good recommendation, I downloaded the Photoshop App, PS Mobile (free!) for my phone. If only the real Photoshop were this friggin' easy. These are two pictures I took with my phone that were meh, but with 7 seconds of App fiddling, I think they look neat-o.

This is out our bedroom window. I loved the juiciness of the the leaves against the shitty wall. And the blue car? Bonus!

This is an artfully blurred picture of an empty box under a street lamp, taken while I ushered the girls around Halloween night. If I had found a baby in there, I wouldn't have been surprised in the least.