oh, this and that

Straight off the cuff, I don't have much to tell you right now. But I'm trying, very hard, to update this site more often. Nothing pains me more than watching a site start to get a little fuzzy around the edges from lack of care and attention. Kind of like the three plants that sit in a guard-like triangle in the apartment that maybe are supposed to be kept damp at all times but c'mon, if you buy plants from Ikea, I think they can handle a few forgotten waterings.

I just watched the last game of the World Series because even if I don't like a sport, I like when something big is won, especially at home. I get excited even though I don't like baseball and the only fun thing I remember about the one game I went to was the peanuts. Dropping the shells all around my feet, the salty smokey taste rolling around my mouth. That was the highlight of the many, many hours sitting in the cold. Oh, the seventh inning stretch was..invigorating.

I had to go to Future Shop to pick up a gift last week and I received such poor service that I did that thing where you don't hide how exasperated and annoyed you are at somebody's attitude and unwillingness to help, something I normally suck up because I have worked retail. I could one day again work retail and there is nothing worse than customers when you work retail. But the whole, "Oh, heh, I don't work in this department. I may be standing, actually leaning against a pole and shooting the shit with a buddy, but this uniform? No, that means I work over in that part of the store which means there is no way I can go get the dvd you put on hold. See...uh... that guy? The one with seven people trailing behind him forlornly like he's the fucking Pied Piper of home entertainment, yeah, you're going to have to go wait for him. He's off shift at 8, so it won't be more than a couple of hours till he can help you." I came close, thisclose to stomping over and rummaging in areas clearly marked as Employee Only and not giving a FUCK, because no, Sir, that is not acceptable. And your sudden pronounced limp as you shuffle away from me quickly because you can recognize in my posture that I am about to get all correct on you, well I sincerely hope that limp extends up and into both testicles and they turn to wood, attract flying wood ants, and when you wake up tomorrow by stretching and casually scratching your crotch, you come away with only a handful of bloodied pubic hair, larvae and a blackened burnt tree root of a dick and then you scream and scream and scream until your vocal cords fly out in a shredded clump of red string.

But then I went into Dollar Giant and the rows and rows of deals and people I am much better than, that made me feel so much better. So, the week? A little bit of a teeter totter, but I'm up right now, blocking the sun from your eyes and chewing my new strawberry gum. Everything is going to be alright.