Before review2akill was just a mere sparkle in Nuv’s eye, if he had any downtime, it was spent organizing his iTunes library. Super fun city, huh?! With a trillion roommates over 70 apartments, his iTunes had become a musical graveyard for random songs, albums, artists, doubles, no artwork, inaccurate categorizing etc. etc. Basically, Nuv’s worst nightmare.

When I got my Mac in October, he was determined to not let my iTunes library fall prey to this same dastardly fate. And so my obsession began. I LOVED organizing albums, finding new artwork (endless treasures here) and generally having one tiny portion of my life in order.

Getting ready to do some end of the year lists and compilations, I discovered that iTunes has a Top 25 Most Played feature you can look at. Um, I love this. It gives a perfect snapshot of what I most needed to hear to get through the two halves of the year. School required punk rock, and the websites required the rest. A little rap, a little classical, more punk rock and one R & B guilty pleasure that the boys made fun of me for. Here is what I listened to over and over this year:

If you want to peek at what Nuv loved, check the list here.