So Them Rings And Things You Sing About, Bring 'Em Out Vol. Four

The Christmas Edition!

So, best Christmas ever. Nieces that forgave me for a) pushing the baby face first into the hardwood when I was "helping" her crawl, and b) accidentally gently slapping the 2 year old as I reassured her Auntie wouldn't hurt her too. Recording each other slapping each other so we could watch it back in HD slo-mo. Realizing I have the worst Sean Connery impression ever. Amazing food. Amazing family and friends and fireplaces. Having everybody I love converge together. And the presents. Hoo boy, those. I might have staged a photo shoot or three to show them to you. Come on, let's go see!

The Stinky Stuff

1. Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel soap caddy. One of the greatest smells ever invented by a US chain.

2. Philosophy's Cinnamon Buns Lotion (shower gel not shown) Like bathing in a bakery.

3. MOR's Blood Orange set with hand cream, hard soap, and lip tint. Mama loves me!


The Husband Stuff

1. Wii (along with Wii Fit not shown) Welcome super fun fat-burning times to 2010!

2. Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit. Stuffed in my stocking along with UD's glide-on eyeliners, Nuv braved the wilds of Sephora to make this girl VERY HAPPY.

3. SKRWL by James Jean. My favourite artist put out three wee jot pads. It will take everything I have to mark them up. They are perfection. (It is ARTFULLY only 1/8 visible here. I'm SICK people.)


The Write Stuff (I may be sick but I'm still hilarious)

1. David Sedaris – When You Are Engulfed In Flames
Out in paperback means I should have read this AGES ago. Still, super excited to read on a rainy hungover day.

2. Follow Your Bliss Daytimer.
Such a simple, sometimes selfish pursuit. Let's see if I can pull it off in 2010.

3. David Cross – I Drink For A Reason
His stand up cd, 'Shut Up, You Fucking Baby', is and will always be my favourite. Tobias Funke. Doing a bump at the White House Dinner. Win.

4. Kat Von D - High Voltage Tattoo
Beautifully designed. Beautiful tattoos. Stoked.

5. The Book of Genesis illustrated by Robert Crumb 
I know I called James Jean my favourite artist, but Crumb is also my favourite. The Bible just got a whole lot hip and ass-ier. 


And that is what we call SPOILED ROTTEN. Seriously, I am so grateful.
Speaking of grateful and poor segues, you should go check out my year end wrap-up of all the best things of 2009 here. 
Tonight as the clock strikes 12, I'll be chugging Buckley's and smooching my dude.
I hope y'all come back next year and say hello.