Things I'd like to do today rather than going to school, feeling like a cold is waiting in the closet to jump-punch up into my sinuses and dreading the imminent arrival of blood crotch:

>Make marshmallows. Urban Fare had some beautifully packaged, fluffy pink strawberry marshamallows for only 75 dollars a pound, and it really made me want want WANT! Evidently the ones you make at home are better than your own life. Suposedly also true for ketchup and eating a banana ripe off the tree.

>Be on a beach in California (in the shade with a hat and tracksuit on) listening to a celebrity couple fight. > Watch how something I love is made in a factory.

>Get a dance lesson from Justin Timberlake.

>Devise a way to make 1 million dollars super quick so we can have an actual house with an actual yard that has grass so I can lay on my own yard grass. Seriously, this will probably never happen and that is extremely distressing.

>Push my niece on a swing. Try to do that move where you push them, then keep running underneath them without getting the back of your head walloped by their tiny what-feels-like-cement shoes.

>Learn how to watch the subtitled movies I ripped and/or learn how to play the piano.

>Eat a fresh Okanagan peach with the juices dripping down and forming a juice bracelet, along with a white bowl full of local strawberries that are so fragrant and real they almost taste like perfume.

>Be on the kids game show (can't remember the name) where one sibling would hide something in a themed room and the other sibling would then get to trash the whole room looking for it. It must have been Canadian because the kids were so docile and would only half heartedly open a box, find nothing, shrug, then gently place it down on the floor. I remember aggressively screaming at the TV, desperately wanting to be there so I could just destroy that room; whipping things at the audience and host, overhead two-handed throwing things as hard as I could directly at my brother's stomach, not even pretending to look for the key, or magic stone or whatever. The prizes on those shows were always weak too, like "a bike helmet, or it's financial equivalent!"