the very best

I am much too lucky. Seriously, in the last three years I have had so many good surprises. A proposal that knocked me ( and the wind) out, a bachelorette anniversary surprise party, and then last night a surprise "You made it through school!" dinner and sometimes during these events I get that swishy feeling inside of 'I don't know if I could be any happier right now'. I am loved. I love these people.

I forgot to take any pictures of the actual night because sometimes getting the right picture takes me out of the feeling you have right at that minute and I've stopped beating myself up about not having actual photographic evidence of something because it DOESN'T mean it didnt happen. That extra inch of love icing around my heart proves it DID happen. And I hope very much that when all these people find out I failed and didn't graduate that they don't take my presents back.

I did take some pictures of my loot this morning:

This beauty (good and heavy too) came from amazing husband. The 'N' either stands for a) Nerd, b) Never Admits When She's Wrong or c) Nuv. I'll go with the romance option behind door #3.

Here are my card and flowers that are pretty pretty. 

And finally, if you look closely, you see my reflection in the compact that the Sephora gift card came in. Nuv braved the vaginery that is Sephora to get this for me and if you need me this weekend I'll be rolling around the floor of Sephora wearing every eye shadow they sell and generally creeping out all the Sales Associates.