imaginary itinerary

It's official. I'm at the tattoo shop getting 'SquareSpace 4 Lyfe' inked around my neck. I like how easy shit works here. I can write something, and it works and you can read it right away. [Flashback to me doing the HTML by myself on the old site, screaming, and dripping tears and blood on the keyboard.] For writers, this is a godsend. And that finishes the unabashed endorsement section of this post.

So I'm inside today. And here is what I would be doing if I wasn't:

Looking at all the fabulous books at vancouver special. I picked up a Joel Sternfeld photography book last time and flipped to this. Come the fuck on. I would blow this up and wallpaper my life with that if I could. I love the USA in the 70s in all ways possible.

Cleaning my car. [Nuv just snorted] Seriously. I think if crumbs, apple stickers and cigarette wrappers are the only thing holding a car together it might be time to hose it down. Also, I own that beast in October. It only took TEN YEARS but it will soon be mine. All dirty-white-scraped-bumpers-nearly-flat-tires-no-power-anything of it. Jealous?

Getting a gluten free treat from my bakery. Jumping the counter when nobody is looking and licking various surfaces. Jackie got me a Bible sized tome of gf recipes for me to look through and choose something for her to make for me and I have barely made it through the table of contents. The excitement combined with the dread of having to narrow my choice down to less than 100 things is excruciating.

Going through open houses I can't afford. I have never done this but I wuld today if I could.

Spending my Sephora gift card. I have it kind of (not at all) narrowed down to what I want. If I don't do the research ahead of time, I will wander through there, fingers sweatily clutching my gift card, face frozen in perpetual need and confusion until the store closes and I stiffly walk out crying.

Loving Nuv. I am going to maul that dude like a hungry lion when I get home.