I feel a little all over the place right now, getting used to not having some assignment bumping up against the front of my brain stressing me out, working full time, and fighting off a sore throat with stern glances and mouthfuls of chalky vitamins.

I have had ghosts on the brain by happenstance. I was listening to the White Stripes while making dinner last week and heard 'Little Ghost' for the first time in a long time and now this tune is lodged in my ears – not the worst fate I know.

Then I watched this video and wanted six more hands and six friends to come over and make hand puppets and play with them.

Then I remembered this video for a Department of Eagles song I love.

And, finally, I sat for eight hours looking at the adorable edible magic at Bakerella, specifically these mofos.

I promise this site won't always be LinkFestaRama – I just spent a shit ton of time online last week and wanted to share some treasures.

Ooh, also,  I had a dream last night I was in Hell (by accident I'm sure) and there was a diarrhea waterfall. I don't know if I have ever thought of something more revolting, awake or not.