I'm never going to give a speech at Harvard extolling the merits of education, but I will bore my friends, family, children and grandchildren about the most challenging year of my life for the rest of my life. My children will have the choice of either working in an oil field in Afghanistan or going to college. Period.

My decade-long excuse of "not knowing what I want to do," in retrospect, is just beautiful bullshit. Figuring out what you're going to do now, after the last exam is written and your locker is emptied, save for that weird banana smell you can't figure out, is just one small fractional slice of what school gives you.

I met people that changed my life this year. They filled the empty well of creativity in my chest with buckets and buckets of inspiration, love, support, laughter, and knowledge. I got to be so selfish this year and I lost sight of that a ton. I complained and cried and worked myself up into a lather about nearly everything I had to do, but it got done. I did it. I learned computer programs I'd never heard of. I edited a magazine. I woke up, went to work, went to school, came home at 11 pm, kissed Nuv, went to bed and did it all again the next day.

I worked two jobs while going to school full time. I did things I never ever imagined I could do, and it really wasn't that horrible. I dispelled a shit ton of things I told myself I couldn't do, and I fucking did them. Now I can look for a job without that feeling of failure in my guts - do you know what that feeling is worth?

I am so very proud of myself and all my amazing classmates. We did this. We really did. We didn't reinvent the wheel (well, Cody might have if given the time) but we all know what we did. A year only we know intimately; I could never properly convey to Nuv or Mama the accurate actual experience - I share this only with the group that called A247 home for the past year.

No matter what happens now, and oh, it will be good for some of us, a struggle for others, and no guarantees that anything at all will come out of this excruciating year, but I never want to lose sight of the fact that it was simply done.

I am going to miss that seat I chose on the first day, two aisles in, two chairs back, in between the beautiful girl I share a name with and the serious guy who really isn't that serious at all. And all the surrounding geniuses I met and fell in love with. And those teachers that held our hands along the way. And those honey roasted peanuts in the cafeteria.

We did it. We really fucking did.