Such pressure. SUCH PRESSURE. Now that I don't have homework to do every weekend (and I will never stop being fucking exhilarated about that) there are about 1,273 things I should do within the work-free 48 hours. Priority one for this girl – sleeping. Sleeping hard. I thought I would grow out of the need for 11 hours a night when I bid adieu to my twenties, but no such luck. Still have to set an alarm for 11 am. That seems crazed. Being married to a guy who eats breakfast at noon doesn't help either.

We've always thrived after the sun goes down. For a girl with see through skin like me, and a guy who gets bored unless he has a to-do list with bullet points and an index, there aren't a ton of activities we can do together during the day. I like window shopping, thinking of the what if's, and the one day's. I like going for a walk that doesn't necessarily have an end point or purpose. Nuv, and most guys I'm sure, hates doing those things with a fiery passion.

So this is what I did instead:

I made applesauce (taste TBD-it's still gurgling on the stove top) (Update-it's good, not great. I hate cooking.)
I fed Sarah's cat who almost successfully climbed down into my jeans when I was peeing.
Played poker for the first time, and the fact that I now love it might have something to do with the fact I won the whole thing. Did I mention I love winning, like to an unhealthy degree? 
I cooked the first football breakfast. The smell of maple bacon should be out of here within the next month.
We evacuated the building when a fire alarm went off. Watched the firemen in their serious faces put on all their gear and get axed up, only to come back out annoyed with the guy in our basement sawing things and sending debris up into the sensors. 
Got super excited about the finale of True Blood. Season one left me cold & annoyed at times, but this year has been awesome and I don't know what we're going to do Sunday nights now. 
Forgot the baby Cokes in the trunk of the car. You may not think taking the elevator down three floors to the car and back up is a huge deal, because it's not. So, I'd love it if you came over and did it for me right now. Thanks, and a big Coke burp kiss in advance.