...makes no sense at all

Every now and then, there arise anecdotes that have no family. They are little orphan nuggets of events and thoughts that float around my brain until they converge and form the post I call..makes no sense at all. (And if you haven't seen Idlewild, please do. Great soundtrack, Outkast & the female lead's makeup and wardrobe are GORGEOUS.)

My brother, 28 in July, recently had to get glasses. He had previously escaped the cruel fate of blindness, getting my Dad's beautiful blue eyes, but not the compromised vision through them. Maybe he always made fun of me when we looked back at the pictures of me at 4 wearing an eye patch to help my lazy eye (The term 'lazy eye,' surely coined by a cruel ophthalmologist, also heavily made fun of). For all these years I have struggled with a steadily sucking vision while he went to the Grand Canyon and fried his eyes in the reflection of the sun off the sand, seeing everything with a pink patina for days, but still – fine. If I even thought of entering Nevada, I would have one pair of sunglasses on, and two more pairs in my purse. And now, he finds, via a simple peek through his girlfriend’s eyeglasses, that his vision isn't top notch. And $660 later he now owns a very fine looking pair of spectacles. Ha ha. Four eyes. 

If, by chance, you shower late on a Sunday and get dressed after 5 pm, I do believe it is completely appropriate on Monday morning, as long as you use the same body wash and body lotion, to wear the same outfit again. It was only on you for 5 hours MAX before you went and put pj's back on, and would be a perfectly good waste of an outfit otherwise. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this..

About a month ago, the lock on our apartment building’s dumpster rusted off. Somehow, despite the most overactive strata ever, it hasn't been replaced yet. Which led me to this fine interaction: I took out a bag of trash to the dumpster in my robe. Saw there was a homeless gentleman standing beside the dumpster. Prepared myself for an awkward situation. As I walked closer, I see there is another gentleman IN the dumpster itself rooting around. I sigh, and say, "Sorry guys, I gotta put something in there." Guy in dumpster graciously moves aside an inch, and gestures for me to just go on and put it in there beside him. So, I did. And walked away feeling very, very guilty.

PS - I'm super excited to take this quiz today. You should do it too!