the new

So, three weeks in and I’m totally getting the hang of this. OR NOT AT ALL. Under the Plus column we survived a trip to Victoria which wasn’t hard, what with being waited on hand and foot by the greatest mother-in-law in known history, showing off the kid to friends and family, going for a long overdue walk with some amazing girlfriends that gave me enough love and support to power a climb up a hill that fucking sucked, and eating bacon EVERY SINGLE DAY. We also survived an epic baby shower (for those keeping count at home, this was my third – this kid is now clothed/toy-ed/book-ed for life) thrown by my amazing Mama. So reminiscent of my wedding reception, I barely ate, only had time to quickly make tongue-tied small talk and kept a lone eye on the girl making sure nobody was smuggling her out in their purse, or taking big juicy bites out of her delicious cheeks. With some extra amazing help from the Lark family and the Henderson family, my Mama finished the day with her granddaughter in arms, exhausted but serene, while I scarfed down leftover melted chocolate and tortilla chips washed down with warm Coke in the kitchen. Now, we’re about to endeavour on the first days without Pops around. Mother-in-law is here for a few days to keep me from being a stinky insane mess during the day, and invaluable friends are jumping out of shadows with food and extra sets of arms for a girl, who as soon as we put her on her back in her bassinet reacts like we slapped her across the face, dunked her in cold water, then threw her down a well. When we got home from the hospital having her sleep beside me in our bed maybe wasn’t the Public Health Nurse’s #1 recommendation, but one night she linked arms with me and I was all, OH YES, WE ARE LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY RIGHT NOW. Man, I love this kid. Even when she’s howling in my ears at a pitch that is more alley cat being set on fire than human, I still love the maniac.