the yum

When we were in Victoria just after Easter, we stopped at a new gluten free bakery, Origin. Aside from a depressingly 70s stripmall location, and a terrible sign outside, the experience was sublime. The space is big, airy, and has local art displayed on the walls. Like in every gluten-free establishment I have ever been in, I stood at the counter like a small African child that has never seen food displayed before. It was late Saturday afternoon, so the selection had dwindled, but I carefully picked the following with great anticipation:

An apple rosemary with walnut streusel muffin:

It was moist and just the right amount of crumbly at room temperature (tough to do with gf baked goods, especially ones that aren't 2 seconds out of the oven) and the flavours were perfect together. While making our next plan for the day I ate it in the car, and then ran back in to buy another one like a stealthy pig. Eaten the next day, it was just as delicious.

A package of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies:

No word of a lie, these were the best cookies I've ever had. The chocolate was quality, the sprinkling of sea salt on top made the peanut butter sing, and the texture again was in a complete other dimension to what I've experienced.

Finally, I picked out two eclairs, a gf treat I had never seen available before:

Again, superb. A place like this gives me hope that gluten-free food, that compromised bitch of a compromise, CAN be inviting and comforting, and quality in both it's delicate and special flavours and textures, as well as it's presentation and execution. The women that run this place give a shit about us. They really do. Eating these few pieces of beautiful food was truly a special thing, and the next time we're in Vic, I'm heading there again and ordering one of everything. You really should do the same.

Origin Bakery
Address: 1525 Pandora Ave (in Stadacona Centre)
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday7:30am - 5:30pm
Phone #: 250-590-4149