the anticipation (part one)

What I am most looking forward to in the next few months:

1. Summer fruit. Number effing one with a bullet. They are starting the annual Farmers Market up our street next week. This is when they pull all the fabulous produce in from the valley so I don't have to drive out to a Cloverdale blueberry farm anymore. I am going to come waddling home, arms aching with barrels of strawberries that taste like perfume and not air, raspberries that, instead of washing, I'll just blow hard into each one to dislodge any hiding tiny 8-legged dudes, corn on the cob so I can be sure and get my yearly allowance of butter and salt, melons that I will learn to be patient and cut only when their fragrance and soft bottoms give me the go ahead, and blueberies. Oh man, I'm gonna dry them (1000% better than raisins), bake with them (blueberry lemon gluten free muffins - you and I have a love affair to start), and put on cereal, or even just douse with a little milk and sugar and eat with a big spoon on the deck while watching my feet inflate.

2. Walking around in my new shoes. I haven't even wore them yet because the weather lately has been wet and grey, but I have overly high hopes for these guys. The requirements for my summer shoes were as follows: must show toes, as pedicures are the only pregnant splurge I'm allowing myself, must be mega cushioned, must be cute and sturdy so I keep awkward bails (something I freelance in during the summer months) to a minimum, must require no special skills (i.e. bending over) to put on or take off, must not be too fitted lest my feet decide to get even more square and juicy, and must be under $100. Found these dudes at Soft Moc in Vic with the assistance of the lovely Alexis, who is one of the best shoppers I know. I'm bonus stoked their name is only one letter from the word 'angry.' Maybe it will help me be less of a rage case lately...