a full blown child

Who is this writhing monster, smacking her toothless jaws together to form the word "dada?" Not the bub I delivered into this world in September who snugged tight under my neck to sleep. This new wiggle machine has suddenly figured out there's more to this world than just my face, my boobs and a collection of soothers. Her hands are pretty much the greatest thing she's ever seen. She looks at them like they're leaving tracers; she's tripping on psychedelic titjuice. She's attempting words, rolling over from the dreaded tummy time to the comfort of her back where she effortlessly swings both legs up to hold her toes and do pilates positions I have a tough time achieving. Her mouth is busy, and always full. The great strings of saliva that come burbling out and the ferocious knuckle gnawing signal the impending teething storm on the horizon. Her rampant appetite made me think she was ready for solids. The look on her face below tells you she was of a different mind about cereal. I am itching with anticipation to make her some amazing concoctions with fruit and purees and bright colours and textures and tastes and she carefully and precisely has oozed back out every tiny bite of cereal and bananas I have tried to sneak into her mouth. Food, kid, it's food. Not poison. 

Speaking of food, we were invited over to have dinner at a friend's place last week. This is one of the few good things about being an adult - dinner parties. This one consisted of a beautiful vegetarian and gluten-free feast of salad, pizza and "chocolate" mousse for dessert. The mousse was - DON'T BE JUDGY AND GAGGY ABOUT THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE PLEASE - 4 whipped ripe avocadoes, a cup of agave syrup and a cup of cocoa, mixed together and chilled. Served with unsweetened whipped cream and gorgeous sliced berries. Nuv ate it, ok. That says, nay screams, volumes. Eating as much food as we could handle, sitting on the floor on the most comfortable yoga cushion ever fashioned, with candles burning sweetly and jazz playing and Stella not babble screeching made for an excellent evening. 

I need a haircut. Budgeted $25 for it. I really like Julian Casablanca's hair right now. Can I pull this off? (Also, loved the new Strokes songs they debuted on SNL.)

And that's me folks. Oh, if you're wondering why the world's supply of Hint Of Lime Tostitos is running dangerously low it's because I found out simultaneously that they're gluten free and f*cking delicious. It's March. If I lose an hour of sleep, I get to gain a food group.