2:47 pm Thursday afternoon

Am I already regretting this challenge, to do a post a day, that I set forth for myself? MAYBE. Is it good for me, to follow through on a promise made only to myself and the rad dudes who find this site using the keywords "12 year old fuck miss," to continue on? PROBABLY. Do I really just want to huck the laptop off the deck into a herd of skunks, just waiting for an excuse to unleash their stinkbombs, and watch Stella sleep sideways in her bigger bed while simultaneously also sleeping and eating blue corn chips and catching up on Game of Thrones? F*CK YES EVERYBODY.

Today was a no-napper for me. This means on the walk to Nuv's work while the sun was all flirty through the clouds, lining the sidewalk with a golden carpet that instead of letting the warmth kiss the back of my neck and my feet be delighted in feeling the fresh air tickle them, free from their gumboot prison, I leaned into the stroller and huffed and sighed and stomped my way through downtown, a zombie eating an apple, staunchly refusing to do my usual smile-at-every-mom-I-see. Just putting one foot in front of the other, hoping today wouldn't be the day my sandal caught in an invisible pavement lip and sent me and the stroller flying into the street, teeth and knees gritty with gravel. If that had happened I might have just gnawed off my two middle fingers and mailed them to God with a return address of THAT'S ENOUGH.

This is why we didn't get a chance to get some more precious hours of sleep this morning.

The church beside our building, despite all the local community outcry, has started to be demolished to make way for a high-rise. So, from about 10 am onwards our apartment building shook every 5 minutes or so as bright orange machinery bit through old walls and shingles to rip the old building down. It was like a multitude of tiny loud earthquakes echoing down the block. It was super lame, and it is a shame how fast a building so revered by this neighbourhood can be yanked down.