hit me baby one more time

Over the weekend, with the help of anti-sobriety, I decided two things.

a. I was going to follow a hardcore Britney Spears fan on Twitter


b. I was going to text my friends in only gangsta bitchez slang.

Let's start with Britney. It occurred to me that even though I'm sometimes like, when was the last time I laid down in tickly grass, or ate the best part of a watermelon (slice one in half, melon ball the very centre of each half and pop into mouth before anybody notices), or taught my kid a song and didn't then schedule a tweet about it? Life is very technological right now. But that is is how I let the creativity, the overwhelming toe-curling spastic need to share out. Otherwise it backs up and I don't know any good

So, imagine if your source of fulfillment and community and wonder was all reliant and focused on just really reallyloving a celebrity? You are only cool or recognized for your mania if you make it on one of those "I'm your crazy fan, Lick my face" shows that I don’t think even exist anymore. (It's hard to top the juggernaut of Teen Pageant Whores etc.) So, every day, smack dab in the middle of all the tweets in my home feed is a little glimpse of kinda crazy sunshine. A call to arms to embrace the now seemingly sane girl-next-door from down South. The gentle naive and pure intentions are kind of refreshing. Truth be told, if Corey Haim was still alive, I'd be tweeting about him too.

Really, there isn’t much to explain about the texting. Essentially, the stream of "shit girls text" (how’s your day? I hate today so much! My guts are a mess! What’s for dinner mamacita? Are you almost here? I miss you!) can get boring. So, we mixed it up. You should try it. Here’s my favourite exchange.


And in other time sucking news, I have been swimming in some gluten free waters lately. Instead of trying to shoehorn that part of my life here, I am concentrating it over on Tumblr. Through Twitter I have met some stellar people fighting the same good fight (how to live & eat safely, deliciously and affordably with celiac disease) and the timing is kinda rad.

May is Celiac Awareness Month. So, I’m obsessed with gluten free sharing and tips and recipes and sending electronic high-fives out into the world. For way too long I was just grumpy about not eating wheat. Now, I’m trying to see the water glass half full. Because, as far as I know, water doesn't have gluten in it. My first super fun tip-a-thon was a guest column on Seattle Gluten Free where I shared some of my favourite Vancouver gluten-friendly spots. Check it!