currently obsessed

As a blogger, freelance writer and manager of many social media channels, I am online more than I would like to admit. The upside is I find amazing things that I think YOU will love too.

When I'm not on my laptop I sometimes cook (gluten-free), watch movies (hard core p-rn) (KIDDING), and after 7 years of debauchery, am finally eating right and moving my ass around. Here is the stuff that made me happy this week. You in?

One of my birthday gifts, I'm only 11 pages in but Dad is Fat has made me legit laugh out loud a lot.

Before my daughter threw her first public tantrum, I fell in love with two beautiful books in the children's section of Chapters ~ When I was Small (Sara O'Leary / Julie Morstad) & Little Red Hood (Marjolaine Leray). Two wildly different vibes but both so good I would frame every page.

You know when you're starting to run again after many years not running and every block you're like OK, THIS LOOKS LIKE A GOOD PLACE TO DIE? I downloaded the (free!) App Couch to 5 K and it's like a really chill trainer beside you. I just started and after a 5 min brisk walk warmup, I ran then walked then ran for a total of 30 min and it was totally doable. The app tells you when it's time to switch so you don't have to think at all. Or you can just think about the cupcakes you can eat guilt-free later that night.

Oh, those cupcakes? Yeah, my kid was down and out with a terrific cough and a snot slime mustache, so Saturday night we had a cupcake party. As she merrily crunched down all the sprinkles, I did a slow nod of approval to the XO Baking Co. mix I'd picked. We used the vanilla cake mix and it made almost 24 fluffy and light cupcakes. Topped with a strawberry buttercream they were a glutenfree dream. (I've seen the mix at both Price Smart and Winners.)

In writing news, I recently became a Contributor for Modern Mama. My first post about Playground Etiquette is up and I think you should read it 14 times and then tattoo it all over your body. (It's not really that good.)

My loot that I ordered from Minted arrived. Hoo, boy, SO good! This stationery, this bunting and these address labels turned out SO rad. (Leave a comment if you want a referral email - it gives you $25 off an order of $50 - which is painfully easy to spend on this site.)

It was a banner week for mail. This pennant I ordered from Stay Home Club came and it is glorious. Currently affixed to our front door it makes it seem like cooler people live here.

Have you seen Now You See Me? I am a straight sucker for magic so this, along with 1.5 vanilla vodka cokes, was a super fun and colourful way to burn a few hours.

I have a feeling this will become a new obsession once I get my hands on it - Crabbies Ginger Beer. Have you tried it? I find regular gluten free beer to be too pricey and a little poop-ish in smell so this sounds heaven sent.

I worked in a retail music chain when I was in my early twenties. I knew everything there was to know about what was good and cool and about to explode. It was the lowest paying job I ever had but still the very best one I ever had. Two of the 4 girls in my wedding party I met at that store. Cue up years later after a kid and when I looked at the Billboard Top 100 or godhelpme the Indie Charts, and I recognized mayyyybe 4% of the artists. So I decided to make a real effort to stay curious and involved with what sounds good now. Otherwise I was on the fast track to being a mega music curmudgeon only obsessed with what was good in 1999. My best discovery in 2011 was the duo Cults. They came to Van in April 2012 and I wrote about it here. They are coming back in November to support their new album, Static. It's on RIGHT NOW as I type and I highly recommend you go get it too.

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Have a rad week! 

 (photo embellishments via the Beautiful Mess App - another obsession but of course)