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Are you a nosy b-itch like I am? I am overly obsessed with you. What are you doing, how do you do that, are you happier than me, what’s for dinner? As part of a posse blog jamboree, some of us fine bloggers from West Coast Parent Bloggers are doing a Day in the Life Column to see just how we get from yawn to yawn.

Here’s a typical Tuesday in my shoes. They’re torn and faded pink checkered Vans.
They suck in the rain, but you’ll learn to love them.

Wake up.
Chug warm water with lemon.
10 minute work-out in my pajamas and no bra to turn all the neighbors on.
Shower, shave and make-up. Lotion and lipgloss. I don't own a hairbrush (for real), so yeah. Hair does what it pleases.
Pull together a gluten free lunch to take to work.
Check my emails and Facebook.
Make some tea for husband in to-go cup because I kick ass.
Blow a kiss towards Stella's room. She's still asleep with Grandma.
Head out to parking garage. Take the stairs. Hate my life as I sweat through my scarf. 

Arrive at work after thinking I have a flat tire every 10 seconds.
I listened to the radio to try and stay relevant with music knowledge, but I just can’t abide with fiddles in songs. Sorry Mumford family.

9:05am - 1pm
Drink 1 cup of coffee with milk no sugar. Hate my life.
Do all the work-y work stuff that is of no interest to anyone, but rest assured I do it well.
Sit on toilet and play on Twitter for my social media clients.
Stay on toilet an extra 10 minutes because I can.
Drink smoothie. Clean the flax seeds out of my teeth.
Read Lainey Gossip on my phone. Feel no guilt.

Go for 30 min walk around back of building where there is a lovely long lane surrounded on both sides with willows, burbling creeks and overgrown blackberry brambles. Spend most of the walk on my phone.
I play Fantasy Football with some dude friends and when I say it stresses me the f-ck out, I do not exaggerate.
Back at the office, check in on the world via Hootsuite, visit my favourite blogs and check Facebook and Instagram for the 17th time.
Make a To Do list re: blogging.
Answer personal emails.
Think about running the stairs at work and watch movie trailers instead. 

Pour a cup of tea.
Do some high kicks and lunges when I reheat it in the microwave.
Work, schmork, text all my friends/husband. 

Drive to WalMart. It’s dark, probably raining.
Stuff earbuds in my ears and either listen to music or a Podcast while I grocery shop. Now that I’m not eating like a frat boy, it’s a lot of produce, chicken breasts and Greek yogurt. The clerk falls asleep ringing the items through. Until she sees the Hello Kitty strawberry marshmallows which I may say are for my daughter, but we both know I’m eating them in the car.
Gas up the car and ditch a week’s worth of crumpled wrappers, popcorn, receipts, depleted applesauce sacs and water bottles into the trash. The rest of the crumbs keep the car intact so I leave those.

Arrive home, put away groceries and try to make my kid love me again. She only has eyes for Grandma so I sit by myself eating the dinner prepared by my Mother-in-Law, checking my phone and pouting.
Pour a cup of tea and put my phone away. Probe all parties about the day they had and eventually Stella remembers I gave birth to her and we snuggle and read a book or 17.
My Mom calls via FaceTime and she talks to Stella while Stella ignores her for Toy Story 2.
I try to go to the bathroom by myself and fail.
Put Stella to bed at 9:30 pm after wrestling with the toothbrush, turning the nightlight on and singing a lullaby. 

9:30pm - 12am
Light a candle in the kitchen and living room. I am mildly obsessed with candles.
Schedule all the posts for my freelance clients on Facebook and Hootsuite.
Write a Blog Post.
Email, email, email.
Internet, Internet, Internet.
Maybe a bubble bath but probably 10 minutes with Dad is Fat and 15 more minutes on Instagram.
Lay out clothes for the morning.
Pajamas, poke at face, wash face, slather on the greatest gift ever received from her friends (Crème de la Mer), and climb into bed. The window was open all day so the bedding is cool and delicious. Hold earplugs in my hand and roll onto my side – I swear 85% of the time they never get inserted but they are my soother equivalent. If I don’t have a set, I can’t sleep.
Dream about all the work I have to do the rest of the week instead of Tom Hardy.


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