make it!

As much as I loathe malls and love to curl up with a good website to order from at the holidays, I do still love to shop with pants on. Because I kind of want the rep as the Best Gift Giver Ever, lucky for me every year around this time an amazing show comes to Vancouver and makes me look like a genius.

Have you been to Make It! The Handmade Revolution before? It’s a wonderland of local artisans, out of town craft gypsies, fine food purveyors, photographers, designers, leather and fabric artisans all under one roof. It is a long list of BONKERS exhibitors. I haven’t even mentioned the soaps, the lotions, terrariums, macarons, exotic salts, jewellery, children’s toys, vintage postcards or the one booth, Honey Canada you KNOW I’m looking at you, that does us in every year. Sincerely – put a gaggle of women in their mid-thirties free from kids and husbands in front of a cornucopia of items made from felt and we squeal so much our ovaries twist. It’s the cutest sh-t you have ever seen, and we know it’s there, and we know how talented Yuki is but we still lose our ever loving minds every time.

This year Make It! opens it’s doors in Vancouver from the 28th of Nov through until Dec 1 at a bigger venue, the PNE Forum. That is flipping fantastic. I don’t bring my kid (because f-ck that and hahahaha forever), but for the parents who bring the kids in the strollers, it’s nice to not have to Zamboni your way through a crowded venue. Plus there’s alcohol. Do you know how f-cking good I will shop with wine in my veins?

Started by the nicest brother-sister duo ever, I feel overly good supporting Make It! I want to give my money to people hunched over their craft every day. I want them to know I love their passion and the ensuing results. I want them to be able to keep doing it.

So, bring your list and be prepared to feel so satisfied when you leave. I promise you will find something for everyone, even that weird cousin you don’t really like. And if she doesn’t like the felt ball acorn snowman you buy her, I will totally take it.


{This Blog Post was sponsored by Make It!, but as always, all freak outs about felt are my own.}