old and then new

While 2013 takes forever putting her shoes and coat on, I started to think back on this year.

It was hard.

Sh-t changed.

I wrote so much more than I thought I could.

I weighed myself and something clicked and I broke myself down to rebuild. I wrote about it and you read it and I was suddenly not so hungry.

I ran. I ran some more. I broke up with butter and sugar.

I wrote about poop. A lot.

I started writing a book.

I put my phone down at the playground and hope you will too.

I found new ways to be annoyed by a 3-year-old and also new ways to love her.

I discovered taking the stairs two at a time is so much easier. Until you trip up the stairs and pray your kneecaps haven't swiveled to the back of your legs.

I need to do a lot in 2014.

I'll make 45 lists and immediately feel worse instead of better. 

I want to be here more often.

I hope to see you then.

(Here's some photos from the year that was. Happy HAPPY New Year to all of us.)