Brobo is Best, Bro

Bedtime. For every parent this is the time of day that can be bliss or break you. When a kid doesn’t like to sleep, not only are they DERANGED and need to be exchanged for one that does, they take the whole family down with them. It’s a sinking ship and everybody drowns the end.

Luckily, my genetics (have to set an alarm to wake up at 11am) combined with my husband’s (has to set an alarm to wake up ever), gave us a kid who also likes to sleep.

After we converted her crib into a big girl bed and took away her soother, she was still an excellent sleeper, all praise be to every god, deity and crystal ever. But all of a sudden who was in bed with her was of utmost importance. Like she would only live to see another day if this thing, that thing & THAAAAT THIIIING were smashed in beside her.

We had a conversation. I gently jabbed her in the cheek with her Barbie’s hooker shoes to illustrate how rolling over onto that would not be so hot. I hid the fake My Little Pony that was shedding it’s weird sheared velvet fur. We sat on opposite ends of a board room table at an impasse over Glow Worm. On the projected Power Point presentation I rattled off the Pro’s and Con’s.

Classic children’s toy = retro street cred
It lights up in a soothing manner
No sharp edges

It plays music so loud it could wake up the earthworms half-dead in the dirt 30 blocks away. So when she’s in that blissful spot right in between consciousness and REM and she rolls over onto old Mr. Big Mouth Glowie Glowerson, it activates LULLABY AND GOOD NIGHT YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE MY ONLY WAKE UP STELLA YOUR MOM IS REALLY IN THE GROOVE WITH HER WRITING RIGHT NOW.

So, after some crustless (gluten free) sandwiches, we adjourned the meeting and shoved the glow worm under the couch.

Enter Mumu, one of Brobo’s line of cuddle nightlights. Stella doesn’t care that it’s won the 2013 Top Toy of the Year Award. She doesn’t even know that it’s a goddamn ninja. What she does know is there is only softness. She can finger the ears as she falls asleep. (STOP IT.) And the warm glow from its chest is just that. No sound. Just softness. If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, a reward for your kid’s graduation to a big kid bed (god we really do set these kids up for adult disappointment) or just want a rad toy to help support a small business stay alive in the cutthroat and fickle world of children’s stuff, buy a Brobo.

{This post was sponsored by Brobo but as always all opinions expressed are my own.}