i just want to be alone {book review}

Earlier this year I was welcomed into the fold of Blunt Moms and my life changed. I've waxed poetic about this posse of insanely supportive and amazing writers before here, but I have some BIG ASS news that I need to share. Two of the Blunt women that have mentored me and inspired me and over-all made my writing better in a million different ways, Lynn Morrison & Magnolia Ripkin, are now capital P Published Writers in I Just Want To Be Alone.

It's the sequel to I Just Want To Pee Alone (any Mom knows exactly what that means), but this time the stories from all the insanely talented contributors are about their partners in crime/child-raising. (You'll notice I rarely mention my own husband. I don't tell his tales for a few reasons. He prefers to not have his life splashed all over the internet {which I respect} and there needs to be a part of my life that isn't mined for a laugh. Since my weirdo daughter is a never-ending well of material AND not old enough to sue me for invasion of privacy, this arrangement works.)

Mom bloggers have a million stories to tell about their kids and all the ways they make our lives better and worse at the same time. But when that frank storytelling light is turned on husbands or partners, the way those relationships of all shapes and colours are exposed is a huge deal. The way a marriage earthquakes then settles into something else altogether after kids is a HUGE DEAL. Honesty is needed. Honesty is what keeps us all trudging through the trenches even when it feels impossible. This book is ripe with honesty and I saw myself and I winced and I laughed and I loved it.

The beauty of a collected book of experiences is you get a choir of voices with a beautiful range of stories. You can pick it up and put it down ad nauseam while you do all the things in your day that you "have to", but you get to sneak back and take a nip of this book like a fine scotch and let a fresh peal of laughter loose out of your chest. It feels good. It feels so good.

If you want to support some incredibly talented women and laugh your bush off, you can buy I Just Want To Be Alone here.