wecapella vol.1

The very first "Official Blogger Conference" I ever attended resulted in me checking in, getting a loot bag, crazily trying to catch eye contact with someone, ANYONE, I could chat with, eventually having a new kid in school anxiety bubble form all around me, slinking out and melodramatically letting my lanyard slip out of my fingers and into a trash can as I left.

I should have known. I am the WORST at going to networking events by myself. I need a wingman. I was doomed to fail.

Flash forward months later. Through Facebook (how very Mom of me) I now have developed, dare I say, meaningful and supportive relationships with other bloggers. Most of them are scattered around the word but luckily some of them sit right in my back yard, with filthy mouths and open arms.

I am so grateful to have found other voices out there. I am so much better at connecting when I get to do it via the written word on the screen first. I am a writer first. But you gotta hustle up in this field to get the eyeballs you want on your words. No matter the end game - fame, fortune, free sh-t, friendships, focus or just fun - connecting is the name of the game.

Local blogger Heather Van Mil has been such a sweetheart to me, so when she invited my blue mouth and yellow belly out to WeCapella, I was so excited. I adore what the VancouverMom.ca community does, but have been too shy to reach out and introduce myself. Time to get over it. Yes, I want to go! Yes, I want to meet others in my community that find release when they sit and tap out what their day revealed. Yes. I want to be a part of this. I just hope she is ok with me hiding in her purse.

For reals - WeCapella is going to be fun. I love the authenticity it represents. Let's be great together.


The Official Details:

WeCapella is a live event showcasing the work of some of Vancouver's best content producers and digital influencers. Using examples from their work and personal experience, our speakers will share with you their methods in creating meaningful and innovative content, with the intent to inspire you to create positive and impactful content for your audience.

The Speakers:

Manda Aufochs Gillespie is The Green Mama. In her 20 years in the field she has “greened” one of North America’s only urban ecovillages, one of Chicago’s largest daycares, a multi-million dollar residential project, a Guatemalan orphanage, and has been dubbed the “green guru” by the media, appearing on HBO, ABC, and CBC. She engages directly with hundreds of parents through classes, consulting, and through writing. She is the author of the first green parenting book for Canadians, Green Mama: Giving your child a healthy start and a greener future, and publishes the popular www.thegreenmama.com.

Jaeny Baik transforms women entrepreneurs from “zero to hero” on video. For a decade she dug up stories for the CBC as a reporter and TV host. Her first show won a Gracie Allen Award from New York, and after hosting “Living Vancouver” viewership shot up by almost 50%. Now Jaeny coaches on-camera performance, directs YouTube videos, and crafts stories with authentic *’PUNCH!* She’s trained clients around the world, including Doha, Qatar via Video Skype.

Prem Gill is Director of Original Programming & Production at TELUS, where she drives the development for Telus Optik Local community programming. She has worked in media and entertainment for almost 20 years and is a passionate ambassador for local content creation. She also loves to community garden.

Heather Hawthorn Doyle is a multiple award-winning television producer and director (Gemini, NHK Japan Prize, $50,000 Shaw Rocket Prize, Leo Award, Silver Chris) who, in the past eight years, has developed and successfully showrun six new series and four specials for North American broadcasters, including HGTV, Animal Planet, OWN, W Network, OLN, BIO channel, Comedy, CITY, and CBC. Now with business partner Brian Adler, and their newly formed television and digital media production company Mom and Dad Productions, HHD is committed to bringing her passionate and highly visual storytelling to businesses and the digital space.

Marc Smith blogs at 30 Day Adventures, which takes him to new locales and activities every day for 30 days, including working with the Marine Mammal team at the Vancouver Aquarium, to sipping wine and learning the history behind several of Langley’s vineyards - and most recently Hawaii. Marc’s desire to connect with people and his community is evident. To get involved in an adventure or series, visit www.30dayadventures.ca or follow on Twitter at @TheMarcSmith.

Linda Solomon Wood is founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief of The Vancouver Observer. Winner of the 2012 Canadian Journalism Foundation Excellence in Journalism Award, and the 2010 Canadian Online Publishing Award for "Best Online-Only Articles," The Vancouver Observer's West Coast-centric reporting has global reach and impact, person by person, reflective of the brave new landscape of inter-connectedness.

Additional speakers to be announced.


Will I see you there? Tickets available here. Use Promo Code VMwecapella10 for $10 off the General Admission Price.

{In exchange for being a WeCapella Blog Ambassador I was generously given a ticket to this event. As always, I only support and promote things that I believe strongly in, and that I think you will love too.}

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