celiacs unite dinner at edible canada

If you are gluten free and live ANYWHERE near Vancouver, I am telling you RIGHT NOW: clear your calendar on the evening of June 3rd.

I will be dining at my FAVOURITE (hands down, all the time, clear winner, getting it right always) restaurant, Edible Canada because:

a) it's my FAVOURITE (in case you weren't paying attention) and
b) they are putting on a Celiacs Unite Dinner

Um, if you are a celiac, you best believe we f-cking like to unite like nobody's business.

We were around before gluten free became a "thing."

We have struggled, educated ourselves, eaten food out of boxes that is so terrible you just have to laugh, and re-learned how to fuel ourselves in a safe and healthy manner without one of the major food groups.

I have been a celiac for almost 20 years, and only within the last 2-3 years has it been easy. The beauty of it becoming a "fad" is two-fold: it brought more awareness to what gluten free really is, and it kicked open the door for businesses and intrepid chefs to take what seems like a huge BUMMER and make it into a really delicious challenge.

On June 3rd, I am going to eat a 5 course meal (PLUS dessert from Lemonade Bakery), with ease. In comfort. Knowing I don't have to question any part of the meal. Knowing that my body will embrace every bite. Knowing that I am safe.

Every day Edible Canada has many gorgeous gluten free menu options (two words: duck poutine). On June 3rd, Chef Eric Pateman is creating "an entirely gluten-free multi-course evening of local decadence."

As a celiac, that sentence is PURE MAGIC.

So, join me. Won't you? Get your tickets here before they are all gone. 



{In exchange for this Blog Post I was gifted a seat at the table on June 3rd. REST ASSURED, I would have still yelled at you to go eat at Edible Canada. As always, I only support and promote things that I believe strongly in, and that I think you will love too.)