i'm right & you're wrong {podcast alert}

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Blog Post to tell you that I am now available for your ears too!

No longer do you just have to imagine what I would sound like saying "f-----ck."

Now you can hear for yourself.


PODCAST, lovers.

My brother (the co-host of Midnight Screening with Koleman & Matt) and I decided that the way we talk to each other is worth recording and making you listen to it.

And thus was born - I'm Right & You're Wrong podcast.

We're on iTunes!

We're on ShoutEngine!

We're on Twitter!

We're on Facebook.

We're two episodes in currently and it's rad.

We're debating our strongly unpopular opinions on topics such as baths, bar soap, live concerts, boats, men in sandals and more. Then we throw the decision making to you. Who is right and who is wrong?

It's under 40 minutes.

It's free.

It's the most fun I've had in a long time.

Sure I don't have time to sleep and I do my squat challenges while brushing my teeth, resulting in pulling every muscle in my right leg in unison, but I'LL LIVE. Give me some Melty Kiss Whips and a microphone and I'm golden.

Oh, and if you decide to be my Internet best friend and listen and subscribe and like and follow and write a kind review on iTunes and vote on who is right each week (ME), I just might love you forever.