celiacs unite dinner at edible canada {plate by plate}

Didn't I tell you this was going to be an amazing night of food? By a showing of hands only about half of us attending were celiacs for the Celiacs Unite Dinner. And it didn't matter. Because when you eat at Edible Canada, it's all so good and so fresh and so thoughtful and so happy on your tongue, that it doesn't matter one bit that each bite also happens to be glutenfree.

On Tuesday night we all ate, course after course, elbow to elbow, forks gently clinking, silenced only by great swallows of wine in between bites that elicited gentle moans of throaty pleasure. 

Chef/Owner Eric Pateman enchanted us all.

To shake awake our taste buds, we started with a vodka cocktail married with cucumber and cilantro. I made that embarrassing noise sucking the last remnants with the black bar straw.

Gazpacho. We had seconds. The spot prawn hidden underneath was so delicious I may have gripped the table as the last streaks of sun slid down across the floor.

The salad had fresh local strawberries. You could have dragged me out of there after this salad and I would have been A-OK. The berries. I LIVE for these days before the sun blasts us all, when the impossibly red freckled berries plucked off the plant and crashed between your teeth yields such a sweetness you swear it's a fruit perfume. 

Oh, and there were duck fat potato "croutons" dispersed throughout that salad, just casually hanging with the blue cheese and tangy basil. All "hey guys, don't mind me. I'm merely the greatest thing you've ever found in a salad ever."

Ramps. Have you ever had ramps before? They are wild green onions. I love them. I love their name. I love them fairy tale-style when they are the thatched roof over top of breaded and fried squid that melts all over your tongue in some dream where celiacs can eat this well.

And what about the morels and yak? How is it that in ONE MEAL I tried so many things I have never eaten before? Morels were like little bites of beefy magic and the yak was also very reminiscent of rare beef - leaving juicy streaks across your plate and near fork tender. The adjacent small mound of fluffy charred cauliflower puree was probably my favourite bite all night. It was so smoky and powerful I could have spread it on (glutenfree) pancakes for breakfast today and been happy.

Dessert (Round One) was two precisely square knobs of chocolate pate, salted and gleaming, sitting in a small pool of mellow olive oil alongside two quickly toasted quinoa bread crostini. We were instructed to spread the oil and salted chocolate all over that bread. We obeyed. My brother ate it with his eyes shut. The bread's texture was bang on. Chewy but hearty enough to balance the bold richness of that strong chocolate and delicate oil. Our tongues sang of the lingering saltiness and we washed it down with the best Port I've ever had - Pentage Port in a Storm.

As we nibbled on the selection of pastries and cookies from Lemonade Bakery (Round Two), Chef Pateman and his team regaled us with wonderfully frank tales of this world so few of us know about. The kitchen. The fields. The ocean. The food. Who else in Vancouver is doing right by celiacs. (I've already hit up the wonderful Ask for Luigi. Notturno is next on my list and a stumble from my front door. I'm so lucky.)

Here are some upcoming dinners being put on by Edible Canada. I would strongly recommend you get tickets now.

The Whisky Dinner on June 18th still has a few seats left.  
Amazing single malt scotch along with amazing food!

Gourmet Kayaking Weekend July 11-13
Chef Pateman will be preparing multi-course meals with wines and cocktails on remote beaches in the Gulf Islands.  "We have been operating these trips for around 7 years now, and I can assure you there is no better way to spend a weekend in BC than on the water with outstanding food, wine and cocktails waiting when you land on the beach!"

Edible Canada & Chef Eric Pateman - thank you so very much for all that you do. Every single detail is so perfect and so appreciated.



{In exchange for reviewing and sharing this experience, I was gifted a seat at the table on June 3rd. REST ASSURED, I would have still yelled at you to go eat at Edible Canada. As always, I only support and promote people creating amazing things that I believe strongly in, and that I think you will love too.}