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Ooof, my skin took the last few months off. I woke up one morning after I'd depleted my stock of Golden Naturals organic skin care and found this note:

"Off to Zit World! See you later Skater!"

Seriously guys. I am so embarrassed. I cheaped out. I thought I could take my face from champagne wishes and caviar dreams (remember the 80s when being obscenely rich seemed so much more fun?) straight back to drugstore suds and not suffer any consequences.

I'm 36. I should know better. When you've dragged your sweaty carcass around the Earth for this long, your skin has a little something to say about $4.99 facial cleansers. Especially the ones SO clearly marked for a different demographic that the bottle is bright pink, it smells like macerated Hubba Bubba and it claims to help you get your SWAGG BACKK! 

Why am I so stubborn and resoundingly dumb about acknowledging this: in life you do indeed get what you pay for. Gas station chocolate isn't going to satisfy any sweet tooth past 7 years of age; ice cream that is scooped out of deep buckets will be 65% more watery than you remembered and if you want your face to be happy don't give it chum when it wants chevre.

So, I slunk back to Marinella, the founder of Golden Naturals Skin Care and confessed my sins. Now I'm back on my proper skin care regime - organic cleanser, toner and lotion

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My skin has returned from it's bumpy, red and unruly hiatus. Even under my bangs, where summer sweat and rot seeps in, it's staying smart and proper. We are both clear now on what works best for me. Golden Naturals. And it's local and organic and everything else you should care about when slathering a business on your face.

Because Marinella is awesome and such, she is offering a Special Discount Code for YOU. To get a 15% discount for 3 days only use SD714-BT (Good until evening of Wednesday Jul 9th, 2014 / CDA only)

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Go forth - only great skin awaits!