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Back before I had a kid, I devoted many hours to another life-sucker: Review 2 A Kill. It was an intensely insane labour of love - we posted new content SIX times a week (WHUT) - and after a few years we were all intensely burned out.

But it lives on the Internet. Some days it gets more traffic than this site. (THAT'S COOL, MAN.)

Insanely flattering rendering of me by the ever talented Jason Copland

As I was lovingly clicking through some of my old pieces on there, I was like DUH, I should show you guys what I was doing four years ago. 

Here are some of my favourites. Pop culture overload. Man, I was EARNEST when I had free time.

A Week in the Life of missteeussr

"Girls as a gender feel the need to assemble on a regular basis to make sure that we still in fact like each other. (Boys can ignore each other for 10 years and then be the best man in each other’s weddings.) So, we gather monthly, a kid and food and stories in tow, to catch up and talk sh-t about sh-t. My girls are funny, inappropriate, cuddly and crazy foodies. One friend, Heather, consistently blows our minds with her appetizer reveals. This last visit was no exception." Click for more.

High Five Vol. 1

"I’m gonna start this off with the five books that, for various reasons, will always be in my heart, and for other reasons, helped me become who I am today. (Choosing only five – not as tough as you’d think. These came right to me when I stopped and thought for a second. The killer is going to be the ones I forgot and then remember as I fall asleep tonight, and curse into my pillow.)" Click for more.

Of Summer Smells, Eats & Addictions

"It’s summer time and that means I get drunk off the suntan lotion fumes of the young and reckless, in my “5 minutes to the beach, bra!” neighbourhood. I love the smell of coconuts, mango and anti-cancer causing agents mingling together so intensely. It reminds me of a time and place that I’ve never been – where everybody is good looking, can surf, doesn’t get sunstroke, and plays good guitar songs around a well-built beach campfire after the sun has been swallowed into the sea." Click for more.

High Five Vol. 13

"We all have them. Albums that the minute you press play, the second the first note pulses into the room, you are instantly zapped somewhere. Your body may be on this astral plane, paused momentarily in the middle of licking a spatula, letting the Internet suck away an hour (or four) of your night, or flipping a card to see if your dramatic “ALL IN, ASSHOLES!” bet was a slick or sick move. But the rest of you, your insides that are triggered by sounds, smells and sights, that part of you is gone. Reliving the skin you were in when you heard that album for the first time. Or 100th time. The time it became embedded in your memory, sewn in with tight precise little stitches to the fabric of the pieces and parts of your life you hold onto with a precious iron grip." Click for more.


What were YOU obsessing over before you had kids? Are you lucky enough to have a Live-Journal-esque reminder in some corner of the web? Link up below!


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