perfect ten {vol.4}



I had the first physio appointments of my life to address my very first unexplainable body injury. It's foreign in that clinic, me at 36. Because pussy, fat, uncoordinated latch-key kids escape childhood pain and x-rays very successfully when they're eating Skittles on bunk beds while inhaling Bop.

It's a weird pain in my butt that has stopped me from being active. The fear of a nagging and lingering injury casting a shadow over the rest of my life? That fear is deep, and squelching, and terrifying. I worry about all the things. Not being able to pick up my kid, putting weight back on, having to buy and WEAR PROPER SHOES.

And then Robin Williams. It's like the warm porch light of my childhood extinguished.

And then the weirdest weather - dark fat clouds hissing warmth and rain all over the city so it's impossible to breathe and stay dry simultaneously.

Before it all went sideways I took the kid to Cartems Donuts. That was the sweetest highlight of the week. In the days ahead, here's to more of this instead.


And now, here's 10 links that I loved this week.

I ordered a new Casetify case for my phone. Because if I have to have a case, I want one with 57 million pictures of my kid, food and life on it. Personalization = YES. Try it; link your Instagram account and then play for AGES with the design options. 

The only upside of a terrible loss is the conversation that sprouts in its absence. Two people I adore, and that you would never detect a hint of depression if you met them, opened their brains up and shared their stories. Here's one from Pam via Blunt Moms and the other from Shannon via Truthfully

image via truthfully

And on the opposite side of the world/emotions, on the ridiculously fun front, here's what happens when you give unsuspecting kids the most sour candy in the world.

I want ALL these gift baskets.

image via by broken arrow

The new Dempster's GlutenZero bread makes really good berry french toast.

The grammar and spelling are not a priority here, so I just look at the pretty pictures of food.

image via always with butter


Today, Episode 9 of my #yupnopepodcast airs. Me and my brother have taken a huge lark and time suck all the way to nearly double digits. That's pretty fucking impressive.

I hope this re-covered books contest comes back soon.

image via the fox is black

And finally, The Fall is coming BACK! Here's the trailer for the second season. Devour the entire first season this weekend. (It's short.) Anderson is so cool, and the dude, (about to become Christian Grey 4ever), is creepy as fuck. #streamteam


What are you up to this weekend, friends?