perfect ten {vol.6}

It's 10 minutes before Friday starts and I am feeling the week in every pore. Also, it's been 23 hours since I had sugar, so basically, I'm in goddamn misery. This week was so full at times I felt the water rising up over my nostrils. A three day weekend is within tantalizing reach - I plan on sitting down and accomplishing large swaths of NOTHING AT ALL. I think I need a hobby that isn't electronic. Anybody want a long piece of yarn that I crochet over and over?

all those chunks of bubble gum? yet to be seen.And now, here's 10 links that I loved this week.

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Come October, this gummy bear sangria will be in my life and mouth.

image via my name is yeh

I hate iPhone cases. Except my new one from Casetify.

Sarah from est1975blog nominated me on her quintuple good blog tour. NO PRESSURE.

3/4 of est1975's banner - i'm amazing at being respectfulI took out any and all poopypants celiacs with this post on Blunt Moms.

Speaking of poop, my first post for Scary Mommy about wiping was shared on Facebook 56,000 times. WHOAH.

Kate Spade can do NO WRONG.

image via saturday.comLet's just pretend to shower in the woods!

image via apartment therapyI was lucky enough to clink glasses of wine with The Rock and Roll Mom last weekend. She loves grocery shopping as much as I do.

And finally, Miranda July's weird wonderful ideas never fail to amuse. Will you download this App with me?


What are you up to this weekend, friends?