perfect ten {vol.3}

Because life is SO FUN, I'm currently managing a weird pain in my right butt cheek that is making my whole leg fizzy AND a head cold just came and shit all over my throat and sinuses.

Hey body, it's August. I'm going to need you to CALM THE FUCK DOWN. 

So, I have planned a whole lot of nothing this weekend in anticipation of just laying still while the health fairies nibble me all over. Or something like that.

And now, here's 10 links that I loved this week.

Word on the street is our beloved BluntMoms Editor Magnolia Ripkin is back at at it on her Blog soon. Here's a quick refresher on why we all love her so much.

And speaking of BluntMoms, I wrote a little ditty about shitty blogs and nobody yelled too loud at me for being very sanctimonious. That was nice.

I have a sinking feeling I won't be running much longer in this life. I'll just read this instead.

I (happily) lived at home with my Mom until I was 30. What's worse - that or this?

Bourbon soaked cherries. Aka the most fun AND messiest way for me to get drunk.

image via she eats

I have a crazy feeling inside that tells me these shoes could solve all my problems.

image via loly in the sky

I'm collecting parenting links for my gorgeous friend due to give birth next month. Man, these tips for getting your kid to eat make the French seem pretty damn smart.

Origin stories of smart women are my favourite indulgent reads. This piece from The Hollywood Reporter on Jenji Kohan (OITNB) is great. And I want her to be my friend.

Can I just say the idea of a summer blanket is kind of dumb but when it's this perfect grey and yellow, it's also kind of amazing.

image via muny

And finally, The Rock and Roll Mom posted the video to the new alt-J track today. I trusted her, and I was not led astray when I hit Play. It's great and now I want to be an American teenager in an innertube. 


What are you up to this weekend, friends?