love letters to the dead {book review & giveaway}

I used to dismiss YA as cotton candy fluff that was a dulled down version of life. And then I realized there is no time more real in your life than when you're young. The world hasn't taken its pound of flesh. Life is wide. Life is big. Life is possible. You want to take great gulps of it in and post the ensuing experiential vomit all over Instagram.
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amoda tea giveaway {closed}

Two things I'm currently obsessed with. Tea and mail. 

Let's start with tea. Unlike coffee, tea is for the time of your day when obligations are done. When every sip will be enjoyed at the perfect temperature. So, for me, that is when my child is miles away/unconscious.

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indulge with ubo giveaway {closed}

As I get older I'm starting to care more about what exactly I'm slathering on my skin. As I confessed so elegantly here, lately my skin has started to push back. It clearly doesn't like the chemicals that dance around with glee in the cheap lotions and fragrances that for some reason I just can't quit.
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win win win spa spa spa

‘Tis the season to lay flat on your back while someone rubs you down vigorously. Right? Right.
As all legit bloggers are legally bound to do, it’s time for a holiday giveaway. Ready?
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