oh man oh man

I have not updated the sidebar stuff of the site in AGES. Like, in the R2AK intro I deleted, I joked about the site being like having a kid. WRONG. Some days I'd rather sit through the Dreamweaver class I loathed in school for 9 hours straight than try and figure out why Stella will only sleep collapsed on me, all 23 sweaty pounds, at 3 am.

I'm attempting to do a little spic, span and re-purposing of the site and life in general. I'm tired of being crazy envious of people with cool jobs. I want the cool job. So, I'm chasing it instead of letting it find me. (Our apartment has like 17 fob-secured doors. I'm hard to get at.)

More changes to come. For every single person that stops by - know you are more than just a number to me. You are a cool beans FRIEND.