knock knock

Apartment life is an experience. You get to watch your neighbour’s lives, smell their weird roasts, listen to their elephant children clomp around at night, and know they commiserate when they hear the wails of your very tired and persistent 3 year old being dragged down the hallway, the sounds eventually swallowed by the hurried entrance into your unit then the gentle click of a door closing.

It’s cool. We’re all here under one roof, breathing, living, and co-existing.

Our building, because of its family vibe, where it’s situated and the desirable rent, has some rules. We signed contracts to not do or deal drugs, to not prostitute ourselves, to not be engaged in gang activity and absolutely, positively NO PETS.

Especially dog hookers who love meth and murder.

We are all united under these weird rules and, so, it goes.

in the city, your stoop is huge

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how was your weekend?

I'm smack dab in the middle of a holiday weekend. Despite the heat squatting over the city, I've been DOING STUFF. Check it.

We went to Crackle Creme Cafe. Yup, a place mostly devoted to many varieties of creme brulee. Here we have earl grey, salted caramel and yuzu.

all the brulees

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As I start this: I’m on my lunch break, at my desk, and I can smell the watermelon my co-worker is eating.

Why this matters: She is upstairs.

I am a fruit bloodhound. Bow down to my nostrils. If the FBI needs to find a killer that likes to cover themselves in macerated berries, they know who to call.

this is pretty much pornography for me

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melancholia in aisle 4

I'm terrible with keeping up on “real adult people” news. You know, governments collapsing, economies crumbling and wars leading to gas prices shooting up into the sky.

I get my news from social media, and my smart friends who ask my opinion (then I down a glass of something to keep my mouth busy for a sec and ask them thoughtfully, "I was actually really curious what YOU thought," then excuse myself to google that sh-t in the bathroom.)

So I only recently found out that clumps of Safeway stores are being closed across Canada. 

goodnight sweet prince

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blogs of future past

Back before I had a kid, I devoted many hours to another life-sucker: Review 2 A Kill. It was an intensely insane labour of love - we posted new content SIX times a week (WHUT?!) - and after a few years we were all intensely burned out.

But it lives on the Internet. Some days it gets more traffic than this site. (THAT'S COOL, MAN.)

Insanely flattering rendering of me by the ever talented Jason Copland

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i'm right & you're wrong {podcast alert}

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Blog Post to tell you that I am now available for your ears too!

No longer do you just have to imagine what I would sound like saying "f-----ck."

Now you can hear for yourself.


PODCAST, lovers.

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orange you glad you're not in prison?

I just finished the second season of Orange is the New Black. If you haven't seen either season, the hype is real. It's fantastic. Rich diverse characters fleshed out by actors who nail equally rich performances. But it's funny. And it will break your heart. And the perfectly clever music over the end credits for each episode makes you almost okay with the fact that the episode is over.

But you know this already because if you're my people, you have already seen it. So, let's go deeper. Because I learned some sh-t. About the world and myself and boobs. There will be *mild spoilers* ahead, so only read if you're all caught up.

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read in case of emergency

Stella my love,

Mama tells you all the time to not be scared. But I've got to be honest, lovey lou. I'm scared.

There is a lot of spooky sh-t happening in the world, creeping closer and closer to home. I don't watch the news because a) Twitter keeps me in the loop and b) everything rotten in the world is slammed right in your face and it makes my guts ache.

But the recent violence has been inescapable. I won't get specific because I truly feel even speaking about the crimes is what the bad guys get off on, so I'll just say this. People are hurting each other in surprising ways that can't be defended or expected.

Welcome to Mama's worst anxiety-inducing nightmare. I am sweaty everywhere.

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celiacs unite dinner at edible canada {plate by plate}

Didn't I tell you this was going to be an amazing night of food? By a showing of hands only about half of us attending were celiacs for the Celiacs Unite Dinner. And it didn't matter. Because when you eat at Edible Canada, it's all so good and so fresh and so thoughtful and so happy on your tongue, that it doesn't matter one bit that each bite also happens to be glutenfree.

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nominated as a Vancouver Mom top 30 blogger {squeal!}

wecapella vol.1

The very first "Official Blogger Conference" I ever attended resulted in me checking in, getting a loot bag, crazily trying to catch eye contact with someone, ANYONE, I could chat with, eventually having a new kid in school anxiety bubble form all around me, slinking out and melodramatically letting my lanyard slip out of my fingers and into a trash can as I left.
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the steps we take together

Every morning when I wake up, my brain immediately lunges for and drinks in The Sh-t I Need To Do Today List. It's never a short list. I cram multiple projects, deadlines, errands, emails, research, cardio, internet scouring, snacks, meal planning, texting, phone calls and bladder busting amounts of water into a 24 hour period. I also try and spend enough time with my kid so that she has a healthy idea of what a Mom is. And then when she is in bed I do more freelance work, hustling and, if I'm lucky, watch a TV show or movie that the cool people in my life have recommended. Lights out, good night and do it all again the next morning.

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easter hangover

I am blogging from the toilet (seat closed thankyouverymuch) to BEG YOU to make all the sugar go away.

This Easter weekend has damaged me. I held strong. For Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday I had a staring contest with that chocolate and I won.

And then.

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wecapella {join us may 6!}




float on

Living in Gastown has its perks. Being steps from the most incredible florist (Olla), coffee shop (Timbertrain) and best gluten free duck shepherd's pie ever (The Greedy Pig) are just a few 'hood highlights.

Just one block down from my front door now resides The Float House. As soon as I saw the tanks being loaded in I was insanely intrigued.

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