perfect ten {vol.6}

It's 10 minutes before Friday starts and I am feeling the week in every pore. Also, it's been 23 hours since I had sugar, so basically, I'm in goddamn misery. This week was so full at times I felt the water rising up over my nostrils. A three day weekend is within tantalizing reach - I plan on sitting down and accomplishing large swaths of NOTHING AT ALL. I think I need a hobby that isn't electronic. Anybody want a long piece of yarn that I crochet over and over?

all those chunks of bubble gum? yet to be seen.And now, here's 10 links that I loved this week.

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perfect ten {vol.4}



I had the first physio appointments of my life to address my very first unexplainable body injury. It's foreign in that clinic, me at 36. Because pussy, fat, uncoordinated latch-key kids escape childhood pain and x-rays very successfully when they're eating Skittles on bunk beds while inhaling Bop.

It's a weird pain in my butt that has stopped me from being active. The fear of a nagging and lingering injury casting a shadow over the rest of my life? That fear is deep, and squelching, and terrifying. I worry about all the things. Not being able to pick up my kid, putting weight back on, having to buy and WEAR PROPER SHOES.

And then Robin Williams. It's like the warm porch light of my childhood extinguished.

And then the weirdest weather - dark fat clouds hissing warmth and rain all over the city so it's impossible to breathe and stay dry simultaneously.

Before it all went sideways I took the kid to Cartems Donuts. That was the sweetest highlight of the week. In the days ahead, here's to more of this instead.


And now, here's 10 links that I loved this week.

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I am right and you're wrong {blunt moms}

buck wild {blunt moms}

read this naked {blunt moms}



hello vello {blunt moms sponsored post}

overnight oats {blunt moms}

moby dick {blunt moms}





i just want to be alone {book review}

Earlier this year I was welcomed into the fold of Blunt Moms and my life changed. I've waxed poetic about this posse of insanely supportive and amazing writers before here, but I have some BIG ASS news that I need to share.
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currently obsessed (*vol. 36)

Here now are the things I am here and now really really into. 
*Extremely doubtful I have done this column 35 times already but I am having a minor love affair with the number 36, so, we'll just go with it. 
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blunt moms

Earlier this year, when I was welcomed into the fold of Blunt Moms, I had NO IDEA how sincerely life-altering this would be. This is no exaggeration: every day my fragile confidence is buoyed by this incredible posse of crazy writers. Like the best long-lost friends, they cajole, they harass, they tease, they love, they support with white knuckle intensity, and the most important thing, they are honest
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slow ride

After a few weeks off work you'd think perhaps I would have used that time to clear out some sh-t. Be like every single person on my Facebook feed who de-cluttered with vigor and earned that brag. They chipped their tree, halved their kid's obscene toy collections and started that 3 day cleanse, bound to make their bowels forget all about the gas station quality chocolate eaten in the dark where shame can't find them.
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you are my favourites

Turns out keeping a three year old from going terrifically insane when faced with a tree with presents underneath is a full-time job. So, I'm going to attempt to keep the laptop tucked away for a few days. Thank you for dropping by and reading my words in this tiny corner of the internet. The love and support extended to me this year has been pretty overwhelming at times.
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