expectation vs reality

Subtitle: A Holiday Fable I am Doomed to Repeat Forever and Ever

If you have a kid, every goddamn month there is an obligation. When I was little, (latch key swinging around my neck, thick stack of Babysitter’s Club books wedged under my bed), we did birthdays and Christmas up big. Two holidays. Spoiled and beautiful and the smell of freshly blown out candles and cats shitting out tinsel. Perfect.

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the ghosts of Halloween past

Halloween is coming. I am working for the weekend and can only pray the foster kids don't blow their faces off with illegal fireworks, firecrackers, rigged granny smith apples etc. (Why do Fireworks retailers look like they are only trying to attract toddlers or cavemen? Oversized signs with just FIREWORKS printed in primary colours, spinning lights, those creatures with wind piped up them so it looks like they're alive… Unreal. One of my goals in life is to never go into one of those white trash factories OR a haunted house.)
I did happen to have some amazing photographic evidence of how masterful Mama was over the years at concocting costumes from either a) pyjamas, b) her clothes or c) a combo of both. I must share the magic. 
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