oh, this and that

Straight off the cuff, I don't have much to tell you right now. But I'm trying, very hard, to update this site more often. Nothing pains me more than watching a site start to get a little fuzzy around the edges from lack of care and attention. Kind of like the three plants that sit in a guard-like triangle in the apartment that maybe are supposed to be kept damp at all times but c'mon, if you buy plants from Ikea, I think they can handle a few forgotten waterings.
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a smack for this

Preach on Saint Abdul! 
Sometimes Nuv and I are so different/opposite/keenly punching each other in the face from either side of a fence, that I'm near positive our children will end up choosing only one of us to love and I'll end up sleeping in the car with a steak knife on a string around my neck for protection.
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